How sad I am that I can’t smoke 😩😢

Anonymous: How much could you make a day at hooters

It just depends. On my good nights, 200-300$. On my shitty, 60-70$. Either way, I still made more than minimum wage

Anonymous: What was it like working at Hooters? Why did you quit? I'm considering being a hooters girl.

It was the easiest job, good money regardless if you’re a shitty server or not. But I just got tired of working there. After a while, the money wasnt worth it anymore so I quit. Everyone always wants to be a hooters girl. It’s not that great lol

Anonymous: Can I hit it in the morning??

Stop ✋

Anonymous: You're really pretty 😍 so gorg

Thank you! :)

thirtyk: Your hair is soooo dope! I bet it smells so good lol I love beautiful hair like yours. Thanks for posting

Lmao thank you!

Anonymous: Is the black community men mostly gay men in Atlanta ?

Idk about mostly, but there are a lot of gay guys here