Anonymous: yeah that's very low and dumb of people in my opinion to hang around people who they only find cute. Like I have this girl as a Facebook friend, she is pretty but has a ugly personality and preference. She is like "why are the ugliest people always in a long happy relationship and im single?" "And why are the ugly people always have the prettiest friends?" I kinda want to say to her like "Well maybe they're not a judgmental, arrogant, superficial, negative person like you is."

"Like you is" 😂 but you’re right. I personally don’t give a shit. If you’re cool, you’re cool

Anonymous: You're very beautiful. I wish we were friends. But I don't think I'm pretty enough to hang out with you :/

I don’t hang with people based on looks, how low is that

I would love to say fuck school but doing that isn’t going to get me to where I want to be. But it’s so stressful goddamn 😫

Anonymous: How is sex with your bf?????

Aren’t you a little nosey motherfucker

Anonymous: Tell that anon, that both of them are rushing things. Damn take your time