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Anonymous asked:

Ayyy Saf do fuck buddys don't flex!!

My boyfriend is my fuck buddy


me when iā€™m wearing new clothes

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Anonymous asked:

yeah you do lol

No lol

Anonymous asked:

What do u think about fuck buddys? Do u do them?

No lol

Anonymous asked:

If you've been chilling with someone for a year and it's great when you guys are around each other( and there's sex involved), but whenever you're not around them it's like you text first the majority of the time, but he always responds and he does actually text, even facetime first sometimes. What is that saying about the situation?

Lol I think you’re just overthinking. Y’all are fuck buddies



Anonymous asked:

It was easy to get over your ex? Do you think you could do the same with your bf now?

No I don’t. Me & my boyfriend have this connection that I’ve never had with anyone else. It would be difficult trying to move on from him

musicallysoul asked:

Thanks for the hair tips on your blog. Love it.

Thanks for reading :)

adjdj asked:

Your blog is amazing!!! I love it. Thank you so much. You're wonderful.

Aww thank you girl! Glad you like it šŸ˜š